Time to dispel a few myths

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve posted a post…but here goes.

Recently I’ve noticed a lot of things that are bugging me, personally you not understand not the words of another or a company…this is all my fastidious usual self.

I’d like to personally dispel a few myths that I have come across recently, so I ask you to bear with me while I rant…and I hope you discuss in a constructive manor.

1). Having muscles and being “buff” does not make you a man. A definition of a man is a human male with both X and Y chromosomes which as a consequence produce more androgens than oestrogen’s. Also they don’t have breasts or a vagina, womb, all that carbuncle. Last time I looked down my trousers, I had a cock…which as far as I’m concerned puts me directly in the category of “man”. What you may be getting confused with is the definition between masculine and feminine. But then again, the biggest, muscliest…dare I say, butchest looking guys I’ve seen have been the campest, most feminine guys I’ve met…but purely for their physical appearance, they are somehow projected straight into the category of “man”. I am “surprisingly” (and believe me it is a surprise) masculine at times…don’t get me wrong, I have my fair share of camp moments…but yet due to my slim build and “young” looks I get pigeon-holed into the boy/twink…non-man category. This is wrong and the narrow minded, gym bunnies need to realise this.

2). Bisexuality DOES exist, we are not greedy, untrustworthy, riddled, etc. We do exist and we do like both sexes. It makes me laugh that most of the prejudice that I personally receive for being a bisexual male is from gay males…the exact sexuality that has been and continues to thrive for acceptance, equality and understanding. I am NOT greedy, I don’t want everything that moves, be it female or male, all my partners know I’m bisexual and I make that very clear at the beginning of any relationship. Being bisexual does not mean I am untrustworthy, if I’m with a partner I am WITH a partner…I am not in another man or woman’s bed…gay men are just as promiscuous and untrustworthy if you want to stereotype. We do exist, but unfortunately bi-phobia does exist and is becoming more and more aggressive.

That’s all I can think of for the time being lol


LondonLadsXXX Shoot





Well it’s been a while since a photo update, so here are a couple of screen grabs from my latest shoot with Alec Steele and Kevin Mason for TheLondonLads.xxx

Was a great shoot indeed! I has so much fun and Alec and Kevin are HOT!

Blog statistics can be quite interesting

Just managed to find the statistics for this blog do-hickey and someone of the search engine phrases people have used to find my blog are rather, erm…interesting. Email ones being along the lines of “Kieron Knight HIV”, “Is Kieron Knight HIV+?” and the delightful “Is Kieron Knight a disease ridden whore?”.

What wonderful people we have in this world.

My status is none of your business, and I don’t see what you knowing this would achieve…unless of course you wanted to cause some shit.

But seeing as you’re so interested, I am HIV negative and regularly get tested. It is none of your business and I certainly wouldn’t be telling the Internet and people I don’t know over my own family and close friends.

So please get a life and stop trying to dig for information that is of no use to you and not needed. If you want to know stuff like that, at least have the common decency and Pollocks to ask me directly…!

Enough said!

Pornstars and Wishlists

Ok so it has been exceptionally long since I posted anything on here, so I’m going to make up for it with a blog entry that has mixed views and could be an interesting debate.

The topic, pornstars and Wishlists

I have seen and I’m sure you have, a lot of pornstars these days with Amazon wishlist or the alike, some actively tweeting about them to their fans, some leaving it as a link on their profile. I am sort of on the fence about this issue and have listened to both sides of the argument from both fans and stars alike. My question is, what is your view on this? Is it wrong for stars to be asking their fans to buy them things? Or is it simply an act of appreciation?

I shall start with the argument pro-wishlist.

As a porn performer (and I’m sure others in the industry will agree with me when say this) the rate of pay has decreased drastically over the past few years and so has the work and quality or work. This is more than likely due to the vast amount of people pirating porn and not actually paying for it any more. Therefore as a performer if we are not getting the money and work that we used to, surely if the fans aren’t going to be paying to watch us then there should be some benefit for the performers to earn or gain something from being on camera. Of course the fans didn’t ask us to do porn and we can stop at any time, but the fact is, memberships for websites have declined, virtually nobody buys DVDs any more and the same faces pop up in films every month. So the work is few and far between (unless your in the directors back pocket and their favourite) and the pay isn’t that great, so there should be something we can get yes?

My argument against wishlists.

It could be seen from a fan that these porn stars asking for their fans to buy them things to be somewhat presumptuous and cheeky. These fans are there to watch what you do on camera, and that’s it. Twitter has made it very easy to get in touch with porn stars these days and there are some who are taking advantage or that and exploiting the good nature of some of their fans, sometimes with the promise that the fan will get something out of it. As a performer I sometimes cringe when I see tweets from other performers promoting their Wishlists and saying things like “it’s my birthday soon, here’s my wishlist *hint hint*” (that wasn’t aimed at anyone, but I have seen examples of it). It’s almost like begging and the fact these people who are your fans support you (maybe not always financially) but support you nevertheless, shouldn’t that be enough?

As you can see I have two conflicting opinions of this, hence why I am on the fence about it. I am not going to lie, I do have a wishlist but it is kept private and sent to family members when they ask me things like “what do you want for your birthday”, I send the my wishlist and they can see. I have no intention of making it public, purely for the reason it has personal details on there and is linked to my family. That’s one area I will keep away from my porn life.


Something has been bothering me…

This is only a minor rant, but it’s something I feel I need to get off my chest

Recently I have found that most gay porn stars will only really communicate with people better well known than them or stars who can further said “porn stars” career (and just to clarify I am NOT referring to one single person).

I personally find that I am happy working in porn with most people, well known or now. I have worked with newbies, old pro’s and in between. I don’t need to work with well known names to further my career. Not that I am going to turn down a shoot with someone well known. At the end of the day it is work, which I am always extremely grateful for. I will not name drop and make a big deal out of people I know or have worked with, nor will I be picky and make comments like “I will never work with newbies again” as I full well know how nerve wracking it is to do your first porn shoot. You were a newbie once and someone gave you that chance, respect that and don’t be a dick.

My other issue is arrogance. Arrogance has never sat well with me and I have made a point of avoiding people who are overly cocky and arrogant. There is no need to put yourself above everyone else, you do gay porn and I do gay porn, at the end of the day we both suck cock on camera and get fucked/fuck on camera as well, there is very little difference between me and you and what we do. Yes you may get paid more, get more work etc, but that’s all you see it as…you don’t respect the industry and you certainly don’t respect other people within the industry. I personally love doing porn, and in all honesty I am probably one of very few people who actually genuinely love doing porn.

I know I am not your stereotypical porn star, I don’t have muscles, I don’t have the biggest cock and I’m not the best looking. I am fully aware of these facts and I do try to work on what I have got. I am very willing to do new things, I do have a big cock, I am a very good bottom (all this is what I have been told by other people so I am not being arrogant or bragging).

I do realize that arrogance, self-importance and over-confidence are a huge part of being in porn, straight or gay and I am sorry but I cannot conform to a stereotype within a minority of a minority. Being gay is bad enough in this world (as I am sure you know), however being gay and doing porn is considered in the UK as not a very good thing and there is a huge stigma attached to doing porn in the UK which is that if you do porn you must have numerous STD’s and have HIV etc. This is a common misconception and totally without fact, however, when a gay man doing porn is getting hassle and stick from other gay men (who no doubt have watched porn) makes me so angry. But what makes me more angrier is when you are a bi-sexual man doing porn, gay/straight/bisexual and getting hassle from every factor…now THAT is unacceptable. Yes I am bi-sexual, no I am not confused, yes I am happy…stop judging me, and stop being so narrow minded. You were unaccepted for a long time and now you have a reasonable amount of equality, it does NOT give you the right to now pass judgement and criticize what I do with my life. You are taking this whole equality movement back by 10 steps, you are not helping…stop being so narrow minded and accept the fact that there might actually be people out there who do prefer either sex.

Back to the porn bit. Yes I have had issues with JP Dubois recently, as I am sure you would have seen on Twitter. I do NOT wish bad on him, and this is purely a clash of personalities and opinions in my opinion (whether he agrees or not is his choice), I do NOT wish bad on him as a few of you are suggesting and I certainly an not jealous of him or his achievements. I respect what he has done and congratulate him for it. However, we do not blend as personalities and seem to disagree on numerous things. I am fine with this and am willing to keep our contact professional and leave it at that. If I was asked to work with him, I would not say no as it is work (I doubt whether this opinion is shared but that’s my outlook).

All in all I love working in porn, even though in the UK it cannot be made into a full time career unless you’re awesome. I will always support this industry and follow it through thick and thin. I do realize I don’t get a lot of work and that maybe to the fact I am not the stereotypical porn star, I am not a clone and I don’t have the typical porn body. Yet, I went to America and managed to get 4-5 shoots out there, yes not for huge major studios that every seems to be clamoring to get work for, but I managed to get shoots. I am not expecting any American studio to pay for my flights and accommodation out there, as that would be extortionate, rude and highly anticipatory. I went out to America to see friends I met off Twitter, @Gambit244, @FanForeskin, @TommyWellsNet and numerous others. I luckily managed to get work out there and will continue to do so when I next go out there, because I have made those connections out of my own pocket and time.

So to bring this to a close, I would love to see more porn stars really respect and appreciate the work they do. Models not turning up to shoots and cancelling etc really grinds me, they have been given an opportunity of work, which in this climate is very few and far between. I am very happy to work and very excited when I get a job. Porn will never be out of the shadows and dark when the people involved in it don’t give it the respect it deserves.

Come on people, respect one of the oldest professions in the world, the sex industry. Stop judging us, stop the conflict and bitchiness within the industry and for fucks sake respect each other!

Now I better get to sleep because I have to find a way to get to Berlin Friday morning lol!


Naughty Kieron! But good news…

Yes I do realise it has been a while since I have updated my little blog, however there is good reason behind this I promise you lol!

I have now moved from Manchester, and I am living in Essex (odd move I know) but it has more work opportunities, a fresh start and I can really concentrate on my work projects down here.

This year has been an odd one so far to say the least. Found out one of my very good friends has had a bad turn and has been in hospital for a while, I wish I could fly out to LA to see him and give him support, but the damn airfare is too expensive!

I have numerous work projects underway at the moment which will take a lot of my time up (not to mention money). I can’t reveal what it is at the moment, but all will be revealed in due course, all I can say is it will be massive!

Had a shock the other day. I was at a friends house and I got a tweet from a good friend saying something along the lines of “congratulations on your Hookie nomination”. Now for those of you that don’t know what the Hookies are, it’s an awards ceremony for the escorts on Rentboy.com (yes I do escorting now). I have only been on the website for a few weeks and already I am in the final selection of escorts to be nominated in the “Best Fetish” category. It’s amazing enough to be nominated for that, but winning it would be beyond belief. The link (if you would be so kind as to vote for me) is http://www.thehookies.com/vote.asp

I have had a quiet spell with porn work, this is a duck that has now been broken. I have a shoot coming up on Friday the 23rd, not saying who with and who for yet as it should be a bloody good shoot ;-). The day of the shoot I will let you know who and who for. I have had a few photoshoots done as well recently, one by PicsByGaz and the other by @HawtPhoto in conjunction with Master U who generously provided me with an entire leather outfit for the shoot. Pics to come soon.

Other than that it’s been pretty quiet haha! I am still looking for more work, I seem to have generated a lot of interest from fellow porn stars who want to work with me…its very flattering and I wish I could work with them all! But I have to find a studio to film it! Lol

Anyway, I am gonna try and start to do some video updates…don’t know how I’m going to upload them via my iPad yet, but we shall see.

Keep safe and be good

Remember, you can’t say the word “happiness” without saying the word “penis”

It’s an odd feeling, one I’ve not felt in a long long time. For as log as I can remember I’ve felt unhappy about something, something has been repressing me. But suddenly, as I’d the past decade of heartache, sadness and all that has just been wiped away, I feel happy…it feels like such a new emotion to me, something indescribable.

Yes I still have my rants, butim starting to have a positive outlook on them instead of beating myself up like I used to.

Yeah I’m getting no work, but hey, I’ve got plans in the works to solve that little issue.

Yeah certain people don’t deserve the work and attention they’re getting, but I’m taking satisfaction in karma…what goes around comes around.

My ex is dating other people, it hurts but hey, I can’t stop it so instead I’m wishing him well and hi
If it works with someone for him.

All in all I think I’m being rather cheery in my disposition. Something I’ve not been for a while. I feel like I’m going back to the real me…and you know what, I like it.

So I apologise for all the past rants, raves, downers ands alike. It was the result of an unhappy mind. One which seems *touch wood* to have been resolved, or muted to an extent.

So consider 2012 the year for a happy Kieron, a smiley Kieron and hopefully a Kieron that will buff up and get more work.

Love all

P.S. thank you to all my twitter followers for helping me reach 5k followers. Without you, there would be no me. Love you all